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Make your Facebook page function the way you want it to. The team over at Mashable provided us with 10 tips that are aimed to help enhance the users’ experience on the social network. In the article, 10 Facebook Tips for Power Users, Mashable outlines everything you need to know in order to keep your Facebook looking well and functioning properly to your needs.

Below you can find the ten tips they recommend:

  • View Photos Full-Screen: When viewing other users’ photo albums simply hover over a photo. From there you will be prompted to an “Options” menu where you can select “Enter Fullscreen.”
  • Hide What You Read: If you use Facebook’s reading app but don’t want anyone else to know exactly what you’re doing, go onto your “Account Settings.” Afterwards select the “Apps” tab and click “Edit.” You will then be able to select who is allowed to see the posts, who cannot, or you can even switch it to “Only me.”
  • Create a List Based on Your Interests: Create lists on certain topics that match your interests. To do this, click “More,” which is located right next to “Interests.” Then select “Add Interests,” and “Create Lists.”
  • Populate Your Map With Pics: Share pictures from all of the places you have been. Select “Photos,” which is located under the cover photos. From there click, “Add Photos to Map.”
  • Re-position Photos on Your Timeline: Re-position photos exactly the way you want them. If a photo is off center on your Timeline simply select “Edit or Remove” which is located in the pencil icon in the top-right corner of the picture. From there, choose “Re-position Photo” and drag it into the desired place.
  • Hide From Friends In Facebook Chat: Not in the mood to talk with anyone or someone in particular? It’s simple. Click on that persons name and select, “Go Offline with…”
  • Pre-Approve All Tags: Before you’re tagged in something from one of your friends, know that you have the option to pre-approve it before the tag appears on your Timeline. To set up this security feature, go into your “Privacy Settings,” then “Timeline and Tagging,” and click “Edit Settings.” From here, look out for the option to “Review posts friends tag you in before they appear on your Timeline” and “Review tags friends add to your own posts on Facebook,” once you select “on” for both of these options, the setting will be in place.
  • Hide Annoying Content From Your News Feed: If you want to hide most of the content that appears on your news feed just click on the pencil icon that appears when you hover over “News Feed.” Once you do this choose “Edit Settings,” you’ll then be given a number of options where you can hide posts from certain people, apps, or pages.
  • Create a Secret Group: Create a private group that only you and your chosen friends can participate and share in. All you have to do is select “More” in the “Groups” section of the homepage. After you have chosen a name for your group and have added friends be sure to check off the secret option.
  • Upload Images in High Quality: When uploading photos to Facebook remember that photos are not in high resolution. To change this and to have them in the best quality as possible be sure to check off the “High Quality” box whenever you upload to ensure better images.

To learn more, read the whole article from Mashable here.

Image Credit: FeedGrowth