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Google Knowledge Graph

Google recently revealed the newest feature to its search engine called the Knowledge Graph. The Knowledge Graph aims to enhance users’ search when looking up something by narrowing the results so you can find exactly what you are looking for. With the Knowledge Graph, users will find key facts relevant to the subject along with suggestions for similar information displayed in a panel next to the search results.

As an example Shashi Thakur, Technical Lead at Google, states how in the Knowledge Graph’s panel users will be able to view relevant data about people they search “such as their date of birth or how tall they are..”  Thakur at Google also states how they “can also connect that person to closely related objects in the Knowledge Graph.”

“Lets say you wanted to learn about the most important Renaissance painters. You might search for Leonardo da Vinci because he’s the only Renaissance painter you know about. Now you see information right in the search results that help you explore the broader topic of Renaissance painters. You see some of the most famous paintings from that era like the Mona Lisa and discover other painters from that time like Michael Angelo and Rafael.” – Shashi Thakur

The Knowledge Graph from Google isn’t just exclusive to searches on people. Objects such as books, movies, and many other things can also be expanded upon. The Knowledge Graph is available on multiple platforms. You can search from your desktop, tablet, and smartphone.

To learn more about Google Knowledge Graph watch a video here or log onto their website for a more detailed description.

Image Credit: Google