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Piazza is a place where Instructors can create an online forum for a specific class. Aimed at saving time from emails, bettering classroom participation, and answering and following up  with conversations, Piazza enhances the course and fosters collaborative learning. Instead of answering individual emails from students which are often repetitive and take time, course instructors can have one personalized dashboard where they can easily answer questions, edit content, and track students’ participation.

Piazza replaces Q&A via email and instead displays each question asked by students on its dashboard. There, students can join in on the conversation where they can supply answers to the questions asked. Questions answered correctly by students can be approved by instructors by hitting the green good answer button. This ensures students whether or not they are correct in their responses or whether their peers can trust student responses to various questions. In the forum, instructors can also provide feedback and can answer any questions students may have.

With Piazza each discussion or question can be tagged. Discussions and questions placed with popular tags are displayed above to help students achieve faster answers to a specific subject matter. In Piazza, questions that are frequently discussed are placed in a hot topic area.

Piazza has iOS and Android apps available for download for questions to be asked and answered on the go. Signing up for Piazza is free for to anyone at anytime as long as they have a “.edu” email address. To learn more about Piazza log onto

Image Credit: Get Lucas Consulting