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Google’s Project Glass

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Google Project Glass

After an overwhelming amount of rumors, Google announced yesterday its latest project in the works for the near future titled Project Glass. The company released a  video about the product on its Google+ page and on Google’s Youtube channel so we could get a peek into whats going on at Google X Labs.

They may look a little weird but don’t let the design fool you. They aren’t exactly eyeglasses but rather a head piece that sits on the bridge of the nose having one small rectangular lens and camera. The one lens delivers the augmented reality for its user. Using an Android based system these glasses would have the capability to answer calls, send texts, set appointments, get directions, and video chat all powered by the sound of your voice. Users are even able to sync with social networking profiles such as Google+ for example.

To learn more about Project Glass log onto Google+ or view a video about it here.

Project Glass Up Close

 Image Credit: Google