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Mac OS X Mountain Lion

Social Share Toolbar and Mac OS X Mountain Lion

Apple recently announced the latest version of its operating system, Mac OS X Mountain Lion will be arriving this summer. With this latest version, users will notice that some of the same features that are available on both the iPhone and iPad are now available on OS X Mountain Lion. iCloud, Messages, Reminders, Notes, Notification Center, Game Center, and Twitter Integration are just some of the features that are being included on OS X Mountain Lion.

Working with iCloud, everything that now will be done with the Mac will be both smarter and easier. You sign in once with your Apple ID and iCloud is set up on your Mac. Your mail, calendar, contacts, and more will be updated, added, or deleted and then synced to your iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch from Mac OS X Mountain Lion.

Replacing iChat but having the same capabilities plus more, Messages comes with iMessage which originally came to iOS 5. With this new feature on the Mac OS X Mountain Lion, users will be able to send unlimited messages to anyone on a Mac, iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Like iMessage, users will be able to see whether a message has been delivered or read or if someone is typing a response.

Reminders on Mac OS X Mountain Lion lists out items that need to be accomplished. The reminders set due dates with corresponding alerts so you never forget an important reminder.

Notes in Mac OS X Mountain Lion helps you keep track of whatever is on your mind. Make your notes stand out with photos and attachments. With the Share button you can easily send your notes to whoever with Mail or Messages. The best part about Notes in Mac OS X Mountain Lion is when you create a note it will automatically be saved in iCloud and will be available on all of your devices.

The Notification Center on Mac OS X Mountain Lion will now alert you from a side bar on your Mac. Now, all of your emails, friend requests, Twitter mentions, calendar alerts, etc will be shown in this Notification Center in a clean organized layout.

With Twitter Integration  on the Mac OS X Lion you can tweet directly from Safari and Photo Booth. Whenever you get a mention, you’ll get a Twitter notification in the Notification Center.

Just like on the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch, the Game Center will now be available on the Mac OS X Mountain Lion. In the Game Center using your Apple ID you can play against your friends in some of the same exciting games that you do on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch.

Image Credit: Venture Beat