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Deleted Facebook Photos Still Available

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Ever had any of those embarrassing or inappropriate photos on Facebook that you needed to delete? Sources show that deleted pictures from Facebook may still exist. Investigations conducted in 2009 by ARS  first recognized this issue and revealed that “deleted” photos are  still easily accessible on the internet, especially if the user has a direct link to them. Facebook blames the problem on its servers and systems. Since there are so many photos from its millions of users, the deletion process was going much slower than expected. In some cases, it has taken up to three years for a photo to be permanently deleted.

The company admitted that its older systems,

 ”did not always delete images from content delivery networks in a reasonable period of time even though they were immediately removed from the site,”

Thankfully today, Facebook is currently working on the problem with its systems to fully delete unwanted photos and within 45 days. However, this progress won’t be able to take place until the upcoming several months.

Image Credit: Flickr, Elevate Printing