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The New Mobile App, Foursquare

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Update: The Foursquare App is now available in Morgantown. Try it out!

I read an interesting post by Mashable about a mobile application game called Foursquare. Supposedly, the game is very addicting and fun to use because it not only lets you inform your friends where you are but you can also get bargains from local businesses that you visit. The good news is that they are releasing Foursquare to more cities. Here is the Mashable post:

Foursquare Goes Global With Launch in 50 New Cities

by Jennifer Van Grove

Right on the heels of Foursquare’s API release, the location-based mobile application and game is announcing another big rollout to cities across the world.

Just one month after releasing Foursquare to 15 new cities in the US and Canada, Foursquare is ready to bring their highly addictive game and business-friendly service to 50 more cities. That’s actually twice as many cities as the service was in before today, bringing the total to 100 different cities worldwide.

We’ve included the full list of new cities below, but perhaps the most significant part of today’s push is that it brings the application to a multitude of cities across the world in the places like South America,Australia, Asia, Africa, all over Europe, and even the Middle East.

Read the list of new cities…

This is a good announcement! What types of phones can download this? This application is available for the iPhone and Android. They are working on a Blackberry application but there is a mobile site present. Seeing that they plan to make it available worldwide, we will benefit when traveling and wandering around cities.